What Are Listing Plans?

CoinDealers.org offers coin dealers various ways to take advantage of the features of the site to increase the shop's exposure. There are three plans available:

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Premium

The free plan allows dealers to add descriptive text to their listing and some basic information, such as location and phone number.

The standard plan adds one image of your choice to the listing as well as a backlink to your website.

The premium plan allows up to six images, enables a customer inquiry button and gives the listing featured status which dramatically increases the shop's exposure on the website.


My Coin Shop is already listed. How do I add information to it?

If your business is already listed on the site, you must claim it in order to add or change the information. First, you must register an account with us. After activating your account, you may log in using the button on the upper-right of any of the site's pages. While logged in, go to your listing and click on the Claim This Business button. A form will pop up asking you for a name, email and some descriptive text. Please provide information that will allow us to verify that you are the owner of the business. We may call you on the telephone to verify the authenticity of the ownership claim. Once approved, you will reveive an email confirming you as the new listing owner.

Once confirmed, you can edit your business' details using the Manage Button button that appears on your business listing.


My Coin Shop is not listed on the site. How can I add my business?

User MenuYou must register an account with us to add your business. After activating your account, you may log in using the button on the upper-right of any of the site's pages. Once logged in, at the top of the left column you will see the user menu. Click on "Submit New Listing" and follow the instructions on the form.

By default, the free plan is selected when you add your business. By clicking on "My Account" you can order upgrades for your listing that add functionality and exposure to your listing.


How does the proximity search work?

Proximity SearchThe proximity search allows users to find coin dealers, shows and clubs close to home. In the "Enter a location" field, you can enter your ZIP code, city or address. The field is updated dynamically as you type. When you have entered your location you must select the results that match your location.  Next, select a radius in miles to search for. By default the site will search for results within 50 miles of the address or ZIP code entered. Results are presented in order, with the business closest to your location first in the list. The distance from the location is also displayed.